PSA: The Success Strategy is coming.. but we're moving first!

From August 2021, I'll be closing down this learning platform down as I prepare to relaunch the whole website www.hereimumagain.co.uk !

Make sure you've downloaded any resources, as they will be retired at the end of August 2021. 

If you're a female entrepreneur struggling to stay on track, avoid shiny object syndrome and untangle the web of advice on how to make your business a success, then stick around by signing up to my email list here

Available Courses


[Free Resource Library] Overhaul Your Mindset & Productivity

Grab a bundle of free resources, including:

  • Goal Setting 101 Workbook 
  • 5 Steps To A Perfect Morning Routine 
  • Balance Your Life 
  • Self Care Challenge & Cheatsheet

The Sense Of Self Daily Mindset Journal

A Daily Mindset Journal To Shift Thought processes and Perspectives.

Sick of staring at blank pages in your journal and never knowing what to right? 
Never again feel stuck and confused with journaling. 

Inside The Sense Of Self Daily Mindset Journal: 

Morning Page 
Evening Page
Free Write Page
Weekly Reflection
Monthly Reflection 
21 Self Discovery Prompts 
20 Self Love Prompts 
19 Personal Growth Prompts 

Download and use digitally or print as and when you need it. 

Self Care Sorted Quick Pick System

PLAN OUT all your self care just by checking in for 2 minutes a day.   I’ll show you exactly how with the Self Care Sorted Quick Pick system, including a completely editable calendar with 200+  curated Self Care Activities .

I want to show you exactly how to put this to work for your wellbeing everyday.

I believe in the power of self care so much that I wanted to make it beyond easy for you to practice it consistently (even if that's not been the case until now!)

I know what it's like to be a busy overwhelmed Mum and...

👉Always be putting your family or friends first. 
👉Hiding behind your responsibilities, hoping you'll just feel better.
👉Committing to your old self care plans like New Years' Resolutions (as in they last for approximately 11 days before you fall off the wagon).

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